Spacefinders can unlock your loft by fitting a safe, secure, and very easy to use loft ladder
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Join Over 3,500 Happy Customers And Let Us Unlock Your Loft By Fitting A Safe, Secure And Very Easy To Use Loft-Ladder
Because you  already have the loft and either you’re not using it, or you’re risking life and limb when you do.
Even a small loft can have more storage space than all your cupboards combined. Storage space to ‘lose’ all the things cluttering your house. Storage space for the all the things you’re not using but can’t throw away.
A fitted loft ladder makes accessing all that storage space so easy.
And it’s safe. Loft hatch openings are usually on the upstairs landing and often close to the stairs. It’s not the place to be balancing on a too short or rickety step ladder.
More accidents happen at home than anywhere else resulting in approximately 6,000 deaths every year.
Don't let yours be an extra one. Contact us now for a free, no obligation, quotation... safe secure and surprisingly affordable....
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Loft ladders come in many different types and sizes. There is no best version. The ladder that’s best for you will depend mostly on the space you have available. We need to consider:
The space on the floor or landing. Will there be room to extend the ladder, will it block the landing, which direction is it better to come down. Which way is best for the hatch to hinge.
The size of the loft opening. Obstructions in the loft, the space available for the ladder. Which part of the loft do you want to use.
Only after accessing these we can advise which ladders will be suitable.
But as a guide, our most popular ladder, a heavy duty two section loft ladder is suitable for about 95% of homes and that comes in at
just £165 fitted.
and that includes the ladder, the fitting and a new hinge down hatch cover if necessary.
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How we work
Step 1. Contact Us to arrange a visit to check and measure your loft.
Step 2. Choose your ladder and installation date.
Step 3. Your new custom made hatch cover is manufactured in our workshop.
Step 4. We return to fit your ladder. With everything pre assembled it’s fast and mess free.
Step 5. Use your loft - it’s quick easy and safe.
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Join Over 3,500 Happy Customers And Let Us Unlock Your Loft
By Fitting A Safe, Secure And Very Easy To Use Loft-Ladder